What projects are you working on in your business? Why is this project important to you at this juncture? These are just a few questions to remind yourself each day, what is important to you and why? Many of us are conditioned to complete work projects but business related projects, tend to lack consistency and desire.

I’ve learned early in my business that we succeed by helping others succeed in their business. I’m currently working on balancing strategies in my business, and in the last six months or so, I’ve been pulled every which way. And because of my loyalty and dedication to producing quality work for others, I neglected myself and my business needs.

I shared this with my coach, and she said that I must ask for help. By holding my work so tightly, I’m squeezing the life out it for myself and those that I serve and that benefits no one! So, I ask you today “What projects are you working on in your business?” How can I help you today with this project?

When attempting to move your clients from where they are now toward some place else, it’s important to ask them what projects are they working on? What are they doing tomorrow that’s going to help them complete this project? Other times we need to be blunt with our questions- i.e. How can I help you with the projects you currently have on your calendar? Many will say, “I thought you would have never asked”.

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