Over the years I’ve learned the importance of setting an example for my staff and colleagues.  I worked extremely hard to maintain a steady communication campaign, even when those around me said it wouldn’t work and it’s never worked with these groups of people.  I invested in my team to prove those around me wrong and to show my team they can accomplish their strategic goals and plans established for them.

As an employed leader, I was able to take control of my days, while making powerful strides with my team. I established various boundaries with the team and asked them to follow through with every changing circumstance presented.  As time grew in those positions, my strategic reviews were always saying the same thing:  Sandra is a force to be reckoned with, her team has grown in leaps and bounds.  She’s able to challenge lower functioning teams members and restart their fuel to achieve milestone adjustments within their department.

When I changed directions from employee to employer, I lost sight of my leadership role.  In today’s Video, I share briefly what I learned from having lunch with an amazing woman of God.  She invested time in me while sharing strategies on how to communicate and implement a new strategic direction as an employer.  She demonstrated ways to build loyalty, trust and community with my new clients.

It’s our time together that’s helping me transition from one leadership role to another while taking charge, building a team and delivering the results.

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