What are you doing to impress your clients who work with you? How are you sharing the WOW factors with them? Do your clients feel appreciated or are they just bad mouthing your business. I recently attended an event to learn tips and strategies to help me be more favorable in my business. During our time together there were several hiccups that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Several of the group clients were disgruntled about the entire ordeal, but what they didn’t know was there was a little extra surprise that was going to be offered.

We didn’t learn of this EXTRA bonus until the end, but it was a nice surprise, especially after all we had to endure. Even though we had an EXTRA bonus, we still had clients who were discouraged by all of the previous hiccups. The presenter made an attempt to correct the situation by offering “EXTRA’s and then adding on two more bonuses to compensate those individuals that felt slighted.

In today’s video, I share my three takeaways from what I learned from that ordeal and how not to brush the problem aside or deny it’s existence.

Enjoy today’s video.