There are so many questions that one has to ask before they commit to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.  It takes WORK and sometimes “WERK, WERK, WERK”.  And then you have to deal with the lack of support from friends and family.  And let’s not forget the chatter of “Why don’t you just get a Real Job”…  And this is before you figure out “Where Do I Start”?

In the last six years, I’ve realized that becoming your own boss requires that you remain flexible.  You don’t have to possess superhuman powers but you must make wise decisions in your business. Your commitment to figuring it out, is what you should spend most of your time doing.  It’s hard work, and your ability to roll with the punches will help you stand out amongst the crowd.

You may want to invest in yourself and your business, by taking a few courses, join a coaching program and attending conferences. Consistency needs to be your “BEST FRIEND” in business.  What you can’t do or not wired to do should be delegated to the proper staff members or just outsourced.

This pass week, I had the opportunity to attend a SBA meeting and I learned a lot.  I realized the attendees were going into business without a plan or knowledge of what should be done.  The common theme was “Where Do I Start” and how soon can I make millions of dollars?  I listened attentively and realized that our presenter was not current with the consistent changes of social media.  In fact, she frowned upon using social media to build your business, she had a traditional mindset, plan first, money, then we work one social media aspects.   I’ve learned along the way, that you should listen to as much advice but you need to sort out what will work best for you and your business.

So again, when you are asking “Where Do I Start”, I would say “start with your heart and your mindset.  It’s important to be totally committed and invested in the Journey process.  If you are unsure, then continue to test the market and see what your ideal clients desire from you.   Take the decision to open a business seriously especially if it’s your first one.

In today’s video, I share briefly what I learned and my overall experience.

Enjoy today’s video and audio.