Learning how to disappoint your clients is an essential skill for any entrepreneur to have in their arsenal. Please note, this is not an easy process especially for individuals who love to please their clients and those they serve.  In the last three years, I’ve had to deal with a variety of “Bully Clients” and this exposure has changed how I do business.  I am extremely grateful to these clients because they have taught me how to be excellent in everything that I do in business.

In the past I was not addressing the issues or behaviors these clients were exhibiting and that lead me to extreme negative feelings and being overwhelmed with each bully client.  I was upset with myself for not speaking up. I realized that my daily habits said a lot about me and my business? My silence was COSTING me deadly money, and not to mention time and clients in the process. This is a big impact on how people begin to see you and your brand. People can misconstrue your silence to be one of lack of confidence or interest in your business. This was a big impact on how people saw me and the brand. Clients and referrals misconstrued my silence to be a lack of confidence and interest in my business. I realized it was time for me to start advocating for myself in order to help those I served. I had to be ungraceful at first but after a few times of saying “NO” or reprimanding a client or just SPEAKING up and setting boundaries, things started to change.

In this month series, I share my mentor and dear friends motivating conversations. We discuss the importance of addressing  problems immediately in business and pursuing corrective actions with clients.  I learned that the cost of silence in my business has been extremely deadly for those around me.

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