(Audio) Do you have Set Office Hours?

  Happy Wednesday! Do you have Set Office Hours? We are all guilty of not sticking to our set office hours. We set our goals, visions and missions for our business but we forget to set our office hours. As Tell Me More

Do you have a Flexible Workspace?

  Happy Monday! I’ve been on the road for the last six weeks traveling to various locations for interviews and client opportunities. My yearlong plan is to stay focused and in my lane. In the last six weeks, I’ve made Tell Me More

(Audio 6)TT It’s Time To Get A Life

  In today’s Tuesdays Tip – I share with you that it’s time to get a life. Entrepreneurs who are in relationships need to show more love and affection to those that around them. And for my single entrepreneurs, you Tell Me More

(Audio TT) BONUS! Reaching Your Goals This Year.

In the last five years, I’ve learned the importance of establishing goals that help me take action in every area. In today’s first Tuesday Tip – I am going to share the ten goals that I use every year. Now, Tell Me More