(Audio) Do you have Set Office Hours?

  Happy Wednesday! Do you have Set Office Hours? We are all guilty of not sticking to our set office hours. We set our goals, visions and missions for our business but we forget to set our office hours. As Tell Me More

(Video) Welcome to your New Year 2016!

Welcome to your New Year 2016! Do you realize that every year people make New Year’s Resolutions with the mindset of accomplishing their goals? Due to unforeseen challenges and the lack of discipline, their needs are no longer satisfied and Tell Me More

(Video) What book changed your life?

It was my exposure to books at an early age that set my path into motion. I was between the ages of four or five when I shared with my parents that I was going to be a librarian. My Tell Me More

How are you enjoying your New Year 2015?

Well it’s day 6 of the New Year and I am just checking in to see how things are going for you? How are you enjoying this New Year? What strategies have you been able to implement so far? Have Tell Me More